Month: June 2017

Aldgate Valley Landcare Group turns 20

Please come and help us celebrate

10am for a morning tea
Sunday 25th June, 2017

Aldgate Valley Community Hall
(Nation Ridge Road)

Bring a plate to share, or just yourselves (there will be plenty)
Everyone is welcome

The Government is going to give us a plaque! (woo-hoo)
There will be a short AGM meeting after morning tea

The Aldgate Valley Landcare Group formed in 1997, and has been toiling away ever since to protect and restore the beautiful natural environment of Aldgate Valley. Some of our better known highlights have included:

  • Saving the Aldgate Valley Reserve from being broken up and sold
  • The Valley of the Bandicoots project
  • The Aldgate Valley Nature Walk

It’s hard to be exact, but we think we have planted about 50,000 tubes, and have pulled out approximately 900 trillion weeds. We think that is worth celebrating.